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Suits for parachuting and aerotube sports.
An excellent model of the suit is designed for the disciplines of Freestyle and Dynamic Flying
The material of the suit is an elastic cloth made of viscose threads, with dense weaving, which keeps its shape in the product for a long time, does not crumple and does not crumble when cutting and sewing.
In the configurator, you can choose a model with a hood or a regular collar, as well as the knee pads option.

From 250$


    Suits for aero tube and parachuting

    When creating costumes, we thought that an athlete flying in a wind tunnel or jumping with a parachute from an airplane is a kind of pilot who controls his body in the air stream. And they tried to create a comfortable suit that would be nice to fit to the body without creating stiffness of movements.

    You can create your own individual costume design and send a request for tailoring
    at Suit Configurator

    Tornado Pilot

    This costume model is designed both for flying in a wind tunnel and for skydive jumping. As the main material, we use high-tech Prado Cotton fabric, and for flexibility and mobility of the costume - elastic inserts from Lycra / SuperBiflex.

    from €200


    Tornado Neophyte (Student)

    Suits for parachuting and aero tube racing.
    A great model for study and student flights in a wind tunnel.

    from €150


    Tornado Superhero (Student)

    Suits for parachuting and tube racing.
    An excellent model for study or student flights in a wind tunnel.

    Almost every child dreams of having a superpower or being like a superhero. And you can fulfill this dream by giving a flight in a wind tunnel in an idol costume.

    from €150


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