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Suits for aero tube and parachuting

When creating costumes, we thought that an athlete flying in a wind tunnel or jumping with a parachute from an airplane is a kind of pilot who controls his body in the air stream. And they tried to create a comfortable suit that would be nice to fit to the body without creating stiffness of movements.

You can create your own individual costume design and send a request for tailoring
at Suit Configurator

Tornado Pilot

This costume model is designed both for flying in a wind tunnel and for skydive jumping. As the main material, we use high-tech Prado Cotton fabric, and for flexibility and mobility of the costume - elastic inserts from Lycra / SuperBiflex.

from €200


Tornado Neophyte (Student)

Suits for parachuting and aero tube racing.
A great model for study and student flights in a wind tunnel.

from €150


Tornado Superhero (Student)

Suits for parachuting and tube racing.
An excellent model for study or student flights in a wind tunnel.

Almost every child dreams of having a superpower or being like a superhero. And you can fulfill this dream by giving a flight in a wind tunnel in an idol costume.

from €150


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